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parking lot crackfilling

Learn all about Luizzi Asphalt Services crackfilling solutions, and the crackfilling process 

parking lot crackfilling
Crackfilling: FAQ

When should a parking lot be crackfilled?

It can be done throughout the life cycle of the pavement. However, only isolated cracks should be filled and never alligatored areas.

What time of year should a parking lot be crackfilled?

Crackfilling season typically begins in April and ends in November. Crackfilling can be completed in the winter months as long as it is dry. Cracks expand in the colder months and contract in the summer months, thereby making it best to crackfill closer to the winter months when the cracks in the asphalt are as wider.

How often should asphalt be crackfilled?

Since this is a maintenance operation it can be done as often as needed, but should be budgeted for every year.

Why can't alligatored areas be crackfilled?

When alligatored areas appear in a parking lot it means that water has penetrated the subbase layer and the pavement can no longer support the weight of the traffic. The best solution is removal and replacement of asphalt and not crackfilling.

How long does the crackfiller take to dry?

The crackfilling material is applied at 300° F but cools to the touch in minutes. A silica type sand is broadcasted over fresh crackfiller to prevent tracking.

Will the crackfilling material track into my building?

Each section must be secured prior to the start of work. The material will track if

it is walked on or driven on before it has dried. During the hot months crackfiller softens, but the silica sand helps stop it from tracking

What is Overbanding?

Overbanding is the process of squeegeeing a layer of crackfilling material

over the prepared crack leaving a two to three inch band of material.

Will sealcoat material and crackfilling material stick together?

The two materials will bond but since the crackfilling material is designed to flex through a wide temperature range, the sealer will chip off from the crackfill. Expect a color difference between the two materials.

Why do some cracks reopen after being filled?

Crackfiller is applied hot and squeegeed tightly into crack, expanding while it

cools. Crackfiller is flexible and moves with the pavement, sometimes causes it to seep deeper into the crack. Cracks may also reopen due to the freeze

thaw cycles in the winter. This is why crackfilling is a yearly maintenance.

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