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Properly repairing your asphalt creates a safer environment and prevents more costly repairs in the future

Benefits of properly repairing asphalt:


Properly repairing your asphalt creates a safe work environment for your customers, employees, family, and friends.


Timely asphalt repair will prevent more expensive repairs in the future.


Repairing a small piece of asphalt is more cost effective than replacing the asphalt.


Asphalt that is run-down and broken gives customers a poor impression on the success of your business. Customers notice attention to detail!

Our Patch Options

Skin Patching

Skin Patching is recommended when the underlying base is structurally sound and is typically used on depressed surfaces. This process is accomplished by cleaning the existing pavement, applying a tack coat (asphalt-based glue), and applying hot-mixed asphalt. The new asphalt is then mechanically compacted. Because the skin patches are placed on top of existing pavement, the finished surface may be slightly higher. The edges are blended in, or "feathered," as much as possible. Skin patching is usually just a temporary solution.

Removal and Replacement

Asphalt Removal and Replacement, or R&R, is used for more severe deterioration, especially when the underlying base has been affected. The damaged areas are squared off, saw cut, and excavated to a depth from two inches to two feet depending on the subsurface conditions. New aggregate is then added, if required, and compacted in preparation for the new asphalt surface. Finally, hot-mixed asphalt is placed over this layer and compacted. Any surfaces in which the aggregate is coming loose are then smoothed out and restriping can be done, if needed. It is then recommended to sealcoat the entire parking lot to restore the original look of the older asphalt and further protect it.

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