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New Driveway Installation & Driveway Extensions

We can install a brand new asphalt driveway specific to your needs. Our crew can dig out your grassy lawn to install a new driveway or extend an existing one. This is done by removing the grassy area to be paved, installing a stone subbase, and laying down the asphalt layer(s). Some areas have stubborn soil or clay and sand and will require a layer of fabric to be placed before the asphalt is laid to help the compaction of the asphalt and prevent areas from sinking. Fabric is not necessary for most driveways. Our company always recommends our driveways to have a 4.0-6.0 inch compacted layer of stone subbase, 2.5 inch compacted layer of Binder Mix, and 1.5 inch compacted layer of Top Mix to ensure a structurally sound driveway.

If you have an existing gravel driveway and would like it to be paved with asphalt, we can do that as well! This option does not always require excavation and most likely will require a simple regrading of the stone and potentially more stone subbase added and then compacted. On top, two layers of asphalt will be laid following the same method as described above. 

driveway replace


We can replace your existing asphalt driveway by removing and replacing the existing asphalt layer and stone subbase below to create a brand new, structurally sound driveway that will last you years. A full driveway replacement is recommended if your existing driveway is sinking, pooling, crumbling, cracking severely, etc. The stone subbase and asphalt layers are laid following the same method as described above in "New Driveway Installation". An important aspect of a properly installed driveway is to ensure water is running off (as pictured) which means the asphalt grade is correct. Our crew ensures this after each driveway replacement, new installation, and resurface by pouring water at the top of the driveway after completion.

driveway resurface


This option is recommended for driveways that are not yet at the point of a full replacement. Driveways that have severe cracking or crumbling of asphalt where the subbase has not yet been affected could use just a resurface. A resurface is essentially a brand new layer of asphalt applied over the existing driveway. Keyways are milled out prior to the asphalt being laid to ensure a smooth transition and a 1.5 inch compacted layer of Top Mix is then laid. Anything existing is not dug out with this option. 

Our estimators, office staff, and professional asphalt paving crew all work in unison to ensure a smooth process from start to finish. All driveways are different and processes will vary from driveway to driveway which is why we have our estimators look at each driveway prior to price quoting it for any service. 

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